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Creating an Impactful Augmented Reality Event

Using an Augmented Reality event as a marketing tool

AUGMENTED REALITY gives us an opportunity to merge the reality with an animated fantastical realm that can be experienced in real time.  This has vast application in impactful marketing but needs the support of intelligent planning for delivering the most powerful marketing messages

An Augmented Reality event for marketing can be created using:

  3. AR SOFTWARE for BIG LED SCREENS (like the ones used in malls etc.)

AR enables your potential customers to immerse in the product experience and directly visualize your product story. Here is a list of things you need for a successful augmented reality event:

  • The AR flow should be designed to lead the viewer to the target product

image of augmented reality app at a mall

As an event organizer the most important part to understand is whether the AR scenario is directly related to the product you want to advertise or not. For example if you aim at developing AR for a CAR BRAND and you want to show various features of the car like engine, changing colors, wheel base etc. this gives the customer a direct knowledge and is easy to implement and hence any customer who will use this AR APPLICATION can directly use the AR feature and get the needed information about the product like pictures, live details etc.

What if the AR scenario is not related to the product like a challenge we faced while developing an AR scenario which included scenes like JUNGLE SAFARI,BEACH,BIRD PARK etc.  for a diamond jewelry company where they wanted to put up a stall in a mall and wanted the mall guests to come to the stall and have a look at the jewelry on display and also have a fun AR engagement activity along with it.

Augmented Reality dinosaur in a mall

In such cases the best idea is to use AR as an crowd attracting feature rather than just some random display and let the customers engage with AR first and then creating an exit towards the stall so that anyone who takes part in the AR activity surely goes towards the product display

  • The AR marketing event should be designed to personally resonate with the audience

Merge your AR with a human story related to either the

  1. Holiday like Christmas, Halloween, valentines etc.
  2. Special Interests like Global warming, Medicine etc.
  3. Seasons like summers, winters etc.
  4. Location based : Malls,Market,Showrooms etc.
  5. Specific Demographics

This makes the AR scenario more relatable to your potential customers, more fun and definitely engaging.


Also providing the participants with some sort of material for them to remember the AR experience. It can be:

  1. Pictures : Printed or Digital
  2. Video Clippings of them participating in the AR activity
  3. Goodies and Gifts

Though the above stuff is optional and not necessary

  • The AR marketing event should generate a prospective customers’ database

Once we have solved the problem of connecting the AR scenario with the product and company being advertised, then comes the most important task of maintaining a database of the potential customers who have taken part in the AR activity by:

  1. Including a log in and details feature in the APP
  2. Creating a registration desk so that anyone who wants to take part in the AR ACTIVITY fills out a small form (don’t make it too lengthy or complicated asking personal information)

This data base is important for the client so that they can contact the customers even after the event thus scoring brownie points for the AR activity

Augmented Reality Group

  • An AR marketing event should be easily integrated with your Social Media presence

Uploading details and pictures on various social media platforms to increase the reach over the internet is a crucial aspect of any event or campaign now a days. The best way to get this done is via a screenshot option in your AR Software which takes screenshots either automatically or can be done via a trigger which will save the pictures and clips in a specific folder and thus can be later used for Printing or for digital marketing.

  • The AR marketing event should be designed for ease of user experience for the potential customer

When it comes to potential customers it is important that they understand the AR scenario too, as most people are not aware at first what to do with the APP or exactly where to stand and act during a large scale Augmented Reality Event. The following is some good ways to make sure it runs smoothly:

  1. For an AR APP make sure to include instructions or tutorials
  2. LARGE SCREEN AR SOFTWARE set ups should include a Pre-Trained EMCEE. This is a great way of guiding people on how to act and when to act so that they can have the most realistic 3D EXPERIENCE at the event.
  3. Also do give a few additional seconds for your animation to start and begin so that no body misses out on the story of the scenario

If you can find a AR technology partner who will help you ensure these points you can be assured of a brilliant crowd pleasing outcome for your marketing event. Wish you the best!